Company Stills Ltd. Woodbox is a Latvian woodworking company that provide a full range of production processes from sawlog till final product on their own handmade from Latvian wood in Latvia.

The wooden box or other wooden product is made by order. From 1 to 100,000 units ranging from small series to high volume production. Choose the product you want from our wide range of products or contact us, we will definitely find the solution you want.

Latvian wood

We use only Latvian wood for producing the end product like ash, oak and pine trees, known for their endurance.


Everything is man made – we have all the necessary equipment and materials to turn the sawlog into a finished product.

Bespoke solutions

We offer wide range of products as well as bespoke solutions for individual or wholesale needs.

Our history

SIA “Stills” Wood Box is a Latvian timber industry company that produces all its products here in Latvia since 1990. The company has all the necessary equipment and materials to turn the sawlog into a finished product.
For several years, we have been producing dried hardwood boards, dried and glued wooden panels for furniture, skirting boards, staircases and their elements, as well wooden boxes for design elements, gifts and practical needs. The company has proven itself with consistently high quality in the eyes of every customer.

SIA "Stills" also offers:


We offer also dried uncut wooden planks, grown and made in Latvia, dried until a moisture level of 8%.

Glued wooden planks

Oak and ash glued boards, table tops and stair blanks that meet the requirements of both furniture manufacturers and local craftsmen.


Ash, oak firewood, in 35L bags. Length 25-29 cm.


We offer wood engraving services. Add your logo, name or desired design to your custom made or bespoke design wood box. For details and pricing, please contact us and we are sure we will find a solution!


Screen printing called also silkscreening consists of three elements: the screen, which is the image carrier, the rubber blades and the paint. The screen consists of a porous mesh that is tightly wrapped over a wooden material. A stencil is placed on the screen, which is made according to the customer’s needs – be it an image, text or logo. In this way, the customer gets a colored logo or text on the ordered product box. For inquiries and your individual project contact us and we are sure we will find a solution!

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